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» Form 2, 3, 4 Constructions Conforming to IEC 60439-1, BS EN 60439-1, EN 60439-1
» Degree of Protection upto IP55 as per IEC 60529
» Rated Operational Voltage - 415V
» Rated Insulation Voltage -1000V
» Rated Frequency - 50HZ
» Rated Current - upto 6000AMPS
» Short time withstand current - upto 50kA rms/3 secs
» Peak withstand current -105kA

Rigid folded electrozinc plated sheet steel reinforced to withstand the electro-dynamic forces of a short circuit.

Anti»corrosion coating for complete environmental protection with thermal polymerized polyester-epoxy powder.

Horizontal and Vertical busbars are totally separated from the functional units and enclosed in a separate metallic compartments.

As Form 2 with horizontal barriers provided to separate the functional units from one another.


As Form 3 with outgoing terminal separated from each other and total compartmentalization of individually mounted devices.

Front or rear access as per the requirement
Individual rear cable compartment for all functioanl units for Form 4 Type 6 construction.

Degree of Protection to IP 54
ASTA Certified Busbar system

» Sheet Steel Enclosure
» Single Wall Aluminium Enclosure
» Double Wall Aluminium Enclosure
» GRP (glass re-inforced polyster) Enclosure.

» VARIOUS CONTROL PANELS for airconditioning equipments and to suit the customer requirement.
» POWER FACTOR CORRECTION PANELS of standard and detuned type as per clients requirements.

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